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Location Alert: Get Ready to Simplify Your Life with Location Alert

Do you Know about location Proximity or if you know about it have you ever tried any app for your smart phone who has this brilliant features in-built? How Good it would have been if your phone would have this functionality and would be able to trigger functions like reminders, call and texts based on the your location. Many a times it happen that we want to call or message a person after reaching at a particular point. Location Alert App is designed and developed for android and iPhone platforms by Appsicum. This app is quite flexible to use as it allows you to get location based alerts, reminders and automatically completes the scheduled activities based on GPS positioning. Consider a Scene Where you have to attend a urgent meeting and you want to alert your other member so that they can keep themselves ready and come with you. This app allows you to send voice or text message to those persons while you are at your home or you can choose any other location nearby their home locations.
Consider another where you wants to go on Hang-out with your best buddies and you do not have to call each and everybody so you just type a texts and schedule it on their contact numbers. Location Alert is basically for scheduling your call, messages and voice reminder on the basis of location proximity. So, It does not make any sense to depend on calendars and schedulers while there are much smart options available for you to have in your smart phone.

How Location Alert Functions:
  1. Location Alert can send a text message on a number whenever you reach on a specific location
  2. It can connect a voice call automatically when you reach on a specific location
  3. can trigger voice and text reminders to be triggered based on your location.
Prime Features of Location Alert:
  1. Flexible setup for Recurring Events
  2. You can choose Location on the basis of radius on Map
  3. Connect call based on location alerts
  4. Trigger Automatically voice and text message reminders.
  5. You can Record your own voice for reminders and alerts
  6. Snooze function available for reminders.
  7. phone book integration allows you to choose recipients quite easily and quickly as well.
  8. You can see log of all the scheduled activities in scheduler.
  9. A user friendly and intuitive interface.

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