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Files- finder edition – An overview of file management app for iPad

When it comes to management, it should be kept on higher priority whether it is related to your office work or other concern. Now, concern arises about files management on your iPad. When you are familiar with your iPad and working continuously without any interruption. Next, what will come in your mind if you are doing your official work on iPad and not able to open any .doc, .text, pdf and other files that you have to read on the same time of receiving? Obviously, your work will pause and you will feel irritation. Its simple solution is to download an app called as “Files-Finder edition”. This app is very useful when you want to have explore and finder like features for your device. No doubt, you will expect files finding facility via this app. Basically, this app is designed by Appsicum team for all iPad users those facing problems in searching or organizing files on their iPad.



Files-Finder edition comprises multi features that will forces you to have its experience once.It’s have good old finder interface with gesture control and touch screen optimization so that you can move files with your finger touch. This app supports all types of file such as Doc, Docx, PNG, JPEG and many other formats. You can sync and use Google drive, dropbox and sugarsync in the same interface. When it comes purpose of security, you can lock important files and folders. It provides you sorting facility via multiple sorting methods and you can use multiple parameters at once.Wifi File transfer and voice note creation are extra ordinary features of Files-Finder edition. If you want to know more about this app or you want to purchase this app, then you can visit iTunes store.Find Files-Finder edition in iTunes:

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