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Files-Finder edition - Manage and transfer files easily with your iPad

Several times it can be seen that you get hectic due to several kind of stuff. What will happen if you are out of office and you need to respond any document urgently? Apps which are presenting provide us facility to make easy our work. Therefore, an app is present that allows you to manage your work from your iPad when you are out of office. This app named as Files-finder edition and provides you access of several functions. You might think that it would be tougher to access function of this app, then you are wrong. Interface of this app is user friendly and old finder interface with gesture controls and touch screen optimization. It is very easy to use whether you are windows user or Mac user. It works as “Explorer” for windows users and “Finder” for the users who coming from Mac world. It would be proper to call this app as complete file/media organization tool with documents and excel editing capabilities.

Files-finder edition app is known as best iPad file manager which allows you to use several functions along with editing capabilities. You will get excited after viewing features of this app. Some important features of files-finder edition are as below:


1.     It  has good old interface with gesture controls and touch screen optimization
2.     It provides facility of built in previewer for almost types of files so you can see preview of files.
3.     It supports various files such as Doc, Docx, TXT, PNG, JPEG, PDF and many more. You can see other supporting extensions here

4.     You can sync your device and can use Google drive, Dropbox and Sugarsync in the same interface.

5.      You can easily edit documents, excel and other files by using Google drive in to app.

6.     You can create custom shortcuts for the files that you use frequently.

7.     This app allows creating filters and saving them as shortcut for easy access.

8.     It also contains functional address bar for easy navigation.

9.     You will find here an in built browser with bookmarks and file download support.

10.                        You can lock your important files and folders for security purpose.

11.                        It also provide you access of easy searching like type a word in browser address bar and search directly on Google, Wiki, Dictionary and twitter.

12.                        You can search any files and folders on multiple sorting parameters such as file type, size, tags and date when you created particular folder and file.

13.                        This app supports voice note creation, so you can search from voice note

14.                        You can connect your device with Wifi network and can transfer file easily trough your iPad.

15.                        It has built in zip creation and extraction process.

16.                        It provides you function of files sharing via email, facebook, twitter and many more.

17.                        You will find this app user-friendly as it has desktop like status bar.
All these features are definitely required when you are looking for file manager app that can help you in managing your files on your iPad. Overall, if we saw according to business purpose this app might be very helpful as it allows users to access their Emails and office important tasks with device even when they are away from their home. These days demand of Files-finder app increasing day by day due to user-friendly interface. Therefore, people used to download this app directly from iTunes store. This app is very popular in business communities as they have to travel most of time and meanwhile they also don’t want to extract themselves by office work.

Files-finder Edition is latest app in iPad market and offers several functions to user so that they can use and work on this easily.  This app is developed by Appsicum team which has developed several useful apps for users such as Future Scheduler, Text disaster, Location alerts, Photos to Albums and photo effect plus. Team realise that they should event an app for iPad users so that they can access files and folders via their device. Transfer files, folder lock, sorting on multiple parameters and user friendly interface are most important features of this app that’s why people love to use this app mostly.

For more information about Files-Finder Edition you can visit You can download this app directly from iTunes store

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