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Appsicum launches cool and innovative apps for iPhone, Android and iPad

These days it can be seen that business man, students and office going people use i devices. These i devices may include iPod, iPad, Android phone, iPhone and blackberry. When you carry these devices, you need to optimize your device properly. There are several apps that are available in iTunes store,  Google play store and blackberry world. You can search any app according to your requirement. Now a days we can find several apps for one application offering by different app development companies. Appsicum is famous name in apps development and company leads in mobile application development. Appsicum team has developed several apps that are available for iPod, iPad, Android phone, iPhone and Blackberry. These apps are categorized as below:

1. Files-Finder Edition(iPad)
2. Photos to Albums (iPad)
3. Future Scheduler ( Android, iPhone and Blackberry)
4. Photo Effect Plus (iPhone, ipad and iPod-Touch)
5. Location Alert (iPhone)
6. Text Disaster (iPhone)

All these apps developed by Appsicum team and you can read more about these apps from However, you can read some special features of these along with price here:

Files-finder Edition:

This app is developed for iPad users and mainly designed to make easy management of files on your iPad. In other sense this app can  be called as file organizer or finder app. This app comprises several features that you will love to use in your iPad. This app costs as $5.99 and you can download this app directly from iTunes store:

Photos to Albums:

This app is also available for iPad users. Basically, this app is the most unique and advanced photo book and album creating app. If you love travel and used to keep save your memories, then you must have Photos to Albums app in your iPad. It provides you facility of sorting data from different parameters such as location data, tags, EXIF metadata, date range and rating. You can create several folders and albums in one app. You can add clipart, and shapes to albums. This app also allows you to add borders/frames to photos. This app costs only $4.99 and available at iTunes store

Future Scheduler:

This app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It allows you to schedule phone call, text message, email and social media post such as Facebook, twitter. It comprises several features such as syncs with device calendar, snooze function for reminders, import contacts from Facebook, log of scheduled activities and option for using templates for text and emails. Like thus this app works as personal secretary for you that you don't need to pay regularly. Therefore, forget and get rid from old traditional methods of writing your schedule on notebook or paper. Go to iTunes store or Google play store and download future scheduler app for your iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It costs only $1.99. 

Photo Effect Plus:

This app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod-Touch. It costs only &0.99. It allows you to add effects in your photos. You can create professional grade photo effect easily. You can shake your phone for random art, club multiple effects, super simple gesture controlled interface, easily share on social media and photo sharing sites, real time preview and easy layering of styles and adjustments.

Location Alert:

This app is available for iPhone. As name implies that this app is very useful during travel and helps your friends or relatives to recognize your exact location. You can send text message as you reach to a specific location. Connect a voice call, create voice and text reminders to be triggered when you are in a particular place. You can get more information about this app from

Text Disaster:

Text Disaster is available for iPhone and cost only $0.99. Its features are very interactive such as privacy protection, rate funny and gross text experiences, sort and shuffle, text mode to share stories, merge multiple screen one time, social media sharing with individual account management, user-friendly interface and secure.   

All these apps are integral part of everyone life. Therefore, you all need such type of creative app from which you can make your work easy. Appsicum team integrates your requirements and come up with smart solution for the same. For more information and query you can contact to Appsicum team.

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