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How you can create innovative photos and albums by photo organizer app for iPad?

Photos are our memories that we want to save for forever. There are several occasions when we need to click photos. Have you ever think that how you can save these pics and albums on your iPad? Might be yes or not if you never think, then here is an innovative solution for picture and album manager named as Photos to Albums app. This app is the most versatile app that allows you to organize pictures and albums. This app is available for iPad users and costs as $4.99 only. Its features and functions are versatile that you love to have in your device. Here are some features of Photos to Albums app listed below:

Automated create Albums:

1. This app provides you facilities to create automated alums based on GPS location, Rating, Tags, EXIF data and date
2. You can use tags from other popular software such as adobe photo shop, lightroom, apple i photo and Microsoft photo app.

Usage of filters:

You can use filter your photos based on tags, EXIF, Meta tags, rating, size and date.

You can use this app to create collage, mood boards, albums and photo book with less efforts.

Ultimate features to apply on albums and photos:

Generally we want to add additional effects in our photos and albums so that it looks pretty. This app is well known app and famous for its multiple features and user love to download this due to its versatile features.

You can add ClipArts and shapes to albums to give new look to photos. You can add text layers to spice up your albums with different captions. It has free drawing tool that will allow you to add creativity in albums via paint. It allows you to export high resolution PDF files to your computers. Apart from these actions you can do several tasks with the help of this app such as:

1. Manage individual layers on album page
2. Reorder or edit layers with context sensitive tools.
3. Control shadow, opacity and colors for various elements in album
4. You have option to Undo/Redo action for ease of use
5. If you want to lock individual elements or whole page, then you can
6. You can use multiple parameters at a time to sort photos
7. It allows you to access slideshow with music for your photos and albums
8. You can show photos on map with location data.

If you want to see more features of photos to albums app, then you can visit This app is very useful app which allows you to make several tasks on your iPad. You never had experience with such app that provide you access of multiple features at a time. So, what you are thinking about? Just visit iTunes store and download photos to albums app for your iPad. Click photos and create albums, folders according to manage your picture library. If you want to transfer pictures to your friends and relatives, then you can transfer via WiFi. You will not found all these features in single app. Visit photos to albums app in iTunes

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